Thai Massage Workshops

Thai Massage training with Ananda

Thai Massage training with Ananda.Photo by Allison Flores


Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork Certification Training with Ananda Apfelbaum, BA, LMT, RYT

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork training offers an in depth study of Thai Massage with an emphasis on hands on learning. This practical approach ensures that students who finish Basic Certification are able to give a complete, whole body Thai Massage in five positions. The Basic training covers the five positions in three workshops as follows: (read more...)

Basic Certification*
Supine & Prone – 36 NCBTMB, 36 NY State CEs (show details ↓)
Side Lying, Inverted & Seated – 26 NCBTMB, 26 NY State CEs (show details ↓)
Putting it All Together – Refinement – 8 NCBTMB, 8 NY State CEs (show details ↓)
*All students who complete this program will receive 70 hours Basic Certification.
Advanced Certification*
Advanced Techniques in the Five Positions – 27 NCBTMB, 27 NY State CEs (show details ↓)
*All students who complete this workshop will receive 27 hours Advanced Certification.
Student at a Thai Massage training receiving certification

Receiving certification.Photo by Allison Flores

Continuing Education (CEs)
The Continuing Education hours (CEs) offered here are NCBTMB approved. The CEs are for licensed massage therapists and registered yoga teachers. There are two kinds of CEs – NCBTMB CEs and NYS CEs. If you are a NYS LMT, you need 36 NYS CEs over a three year period in order to renew your license. If you are not a NYS LMT, then NCBTMB CEs will be sufficient. (read more...)

Thai Massage Training Recommendations

  • Book – Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork by Ananda Apfelbaum. Click here for price and to order the book. The book will also be available at the workshops.
  • DVD – Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork by Ananda Apfelbaum. This DVD covers the Thai Massage sequence learned in the Foundation Workshops. Click here for price and to order the DVD. They will also be available at the workshops.
  • Private Classes – Ananda will go over your Thai Massage techniques posture by posture and give you guidance and feedback. This will ensure that you practice correctly.
  • Massage Session – will help you understand Thai Massage better.
  • Bodywork Experience – recommended, but not necessary.

Thai Massage Training Requirements

  • Practice – minimum of three hours of documented home practice for each workshop.
  • Physical Condition – you need to be able to work on your hands and knees.
  • Sheet and Yoga Mat – bring a twin-size flat sheet (NOT fitted, not Full/Queen/King) as well as one or preferably two yoga mats to class for use during the workshop.
  • Attendance – come to class on time and stay for the duration of the class unless an exception has been given.

Thai Massage Training Make Up Classes
It generally takes one hour of private class to cover three hours of workshop material. Missed classes must be made up before the next class. During makeup classes, only the actual Thai Massage practical material will be covered. Make up classes are $90/hour.

Cancellation Policy
The courtesy of 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a private class is appreciated. Failure to comply will result in the full charge – no exceptions.

Refund Policy
No refund/credit will be given except for an emergency situation of ill health. If a refund is given, it will be for the balance of remaining class hours minus a $50 processing fee.

If you look at the per hour cost of these courses you will see that they are incredibly affordable and cheaper than many other NYC Thai Massage workshops. Our 36-hour foundation course appears more expensive, but when you check the per hour cost, you’ll find that you are getting more training for less cost. The longer hours have been given as many students asked for more material and more review. This ensures that when you leave the workshop, you will know the material thoroughly and be able to confidently give a very complete Thai massage when you finish the training! All trainings are accompanied by a free manual with photos of all the techniques and short clear explanations.

Further Information
If you have any questions regarding the information presented here, please contact Ananda at: