Thai Massage, NYC

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork

Treat yourself to a deeply therapeutic Thai Massage with Ananda Apfelbaum. You will feel better after your session. Ananda brings you over 20 years of experience in Thai bodywork and is the author of "Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork" (Avery, 2003). Ananda also teaches Thai massage internationally as well as in New York City.
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“Ananda truly has healing hands.”

“Beautiful Thai massage; technically masterful.”

“An absolute blessing.”

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Thai Massage - Knee to Chest
Thai Massage – Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch - Thai Massage - Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch634|475|Thai Massage – Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch|Thai Massage - Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch||noneThai Massage – Spinal Twist - Thai Massage - Spinal Twist634|475|Thai Massage – Spinal Twist|Thai Massage - Spinal Twist||noneThai Massage – Foot Under Scapula - Thai Massage - Foot Under Scapula634|475|Thai Massage – Foot Under Scapula|Thai Massage - Foot Under Scapula||noneThai Massage – Palming Back - Thai Massage - Palming Back634|475|Thai Massage – Palming Back|Thai Massage - Palming Back||noneThai Massage – Bow Pose - Thai Massage - Bow Pose633|475|Thai Massage – Bow Pose|Thai Massage - Bow Pose||noneThai Massage – Child Pose - Thai Massage - Child Pose634|475|Thai Massage – Child Pose|Thai Massage - Child Pose||none

“Ananda rocks! She created such a beautiful place for us at the workshop – not only to learn, but to completely be ourselves. She is an amazing teacher.”

— Kalene Walsch, Yoga teacher and Personal Trainer

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