Thai Massage, NYC

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork

Ananda Apfelbaum is an internationally recognized Thai Massage instructor and the author of "Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork" (Avery, 2003). Ananda has a New York City based private practice.

“Ananda truly has healing hands.”  “Beautiful Thai massage; technically masterful.”  “An absolute blessing.”

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Thai Massage - Knee to Chest
Thai Massage – Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch - Thai Massage - Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch634|475|Thai Massage – Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch|Thai Massage - Bent Leg Hamstring Stretch||noneThai Massage – Spinal Twist - Thai Massage - Spinal Twist634|475|Thai Massage – Spinal Twist|Thai Massage - Spinal Twist||noneThai Massage – Foot Under Scapula - Thai Massage - Foot Under Scapula634|475|Thai Massage – Foot Under Scapula|Thai Massage - Foot Under Scapula||noneThai Massage – Palming Back - Thai Massage - Palming Back634|475|Thai Massage – Palming Back|Thai Massage - Palming Back||noneThai Massage – Bow Pose - Thai Massage - Bow Pose633|475|Thai Massage – Bow Pose|Thai Massage - Bow Pose||noneThai Massage – Child Pose - Thai Massage - Child Pose634|475|Thai Massage – Child Pose|Thai Massage - Child Pose||none

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