Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga –  Enjoy the bliss of stretching with another person at these partner yoga events. You can come alone or with a partner as we will be rotating partners. Don’t miss these fun, energizing and heart connecting events. Please see below what a recent participant wrote about doing Ananda’s partner yoga class:
“Ananda’s instructions were easy to follow, her joy through the process, infectious. We worked with different partners, so we could experience a completely different feeling each time. I never would have thought to get so much out of my body while giving and receiving weight from another, so completely different from mine. The taller, the shorter, the tighter and the looser bodies all worked together, and created a simple, beautiful dance where limbs would fit perfectly in the spaces created by another body. We felt stretched, open, lifted, and yet again challenged.”
– Giovanna Gamma, Dancer, Pilates Instructor

Partner Yoga, Come one, come all to enjoy stretching with a partner. Its not necessary to bring your own partner as we will be rotating partners. What better way to spend your day than by sharing community in the joyful realm of partner yoga stretching!

Feb. 2, 2020 3-5 pm Littleton, MA

Partner Yoga Workshop, Valentine’s Day 2016
Partner Yoga Workshop, Valentine’s Day 2016
  • $30/Person
  • $50/Two people