Thai Massage Book

Thai Massage BookAnanda Apfelbaum’s Thai Massage book, Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork, is one of the clearest, most comprehensive Thai Massage books available today. It is an essential guide to Thai Massage for both lay people and professionals alike.

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork elaborates on Thai Massage’s history, theory and practice. For the hands on aspects, Apfelbaum leads us through a complete, full-body Thai sequence.which covers Thai Massage’s five traditional  positions: supine, side lying, prone, inverted and seated. The techniques in each position are explained clearly and amply illustrated with well over two hundred photos.  Throughout Apfelbaum’s Thai Massage book, she reminds us that although techniques are important to learn, what is most essential is a compassionate approach.

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork was published by Penguin and Putnam (Avery Division) in 2003. It is available from in both book and kindle format. To order your copy of Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork, go to the Shop page of this website.

Praise for Ananda’s Thai Massage  Book

“It’s gratifying to come across such an approachable and methodical guidebook for learning the sacred art of Thai massage. Throughout her book, Ananda never loses sight of the real focus of her work – compassion for others. Every therapist could glean something from this story.”

Stephan Rechtschaffen, cofounder and CEO of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

“In this comprehensive introduction to Thai massage, Apfelbaum takes a look at the history of this ancient massage practice and gives practical instructions on how to apply it today. She guides us along the Silk Road, through India, Tibet, China and Thailand to fully appreciate the traditions and culture that created this healing art. It is clear that Apfelbaum did her research as she draws parallels between Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Buddhism and Thai massage…As a massage therapist, I found this book to be highly informative and easy to comprehend.”

LaYoga Magazine

 “In this well presented book, Apfelbaum, a massage therapist who trained in Thailand, provides an excellent primer to Thai massage, covering its history, development, and practice. The extensive how-to-section, illustrated largely with photos, is a fine training guide for practitioners and subjects alike. Although performing a complete Thai massage is a complex process that requires experience, non-professionals will find plenty of techniques to adapt for at-home use with a partner. A useful addition to your massage reference shelf.”

Healing Lifestyles & Spas

“With Thai Massage, Ananda Apfelbaum has made an important contribution by capturing this sacred healing art with clarity and precision. It presents a comprehensive overview followed by a clearly illustrated, complete, full-body Thai massage sequence. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in experiencing the tremendous benefits and joy of this ancient practice.”

Jonas Westring, physical therapist and director of Thai Yoga Healing Arts

“In this meticulously researched book, Ananda Apfelbaum places traditional Thai massage in its cultural context. She skillfully weaves together the influence of India and China to illuminate the unique quality of this ancient and powerful form of bodywork. She offers precise instruction on how to move through sequences developed by master healer Pichest Boonthumme, never forgetting that the most important ingredient in a successful treatment is compassion. This book is an important contribution to preserving an oral tradition that has had little written documentation.”

Lori Brungard, co director of Ashtanga Yoga Shala, NYC

“Fortunately for contemporary culture, the ancients evolved methods for attuning to the healing powers of the life force, known in yoga as “prana”. Thai massage embodies this tradition in a ritualized way that enhances well-being and produces deeply relaxed states of being. Ananda transmits both the technique and the spirit of Thai massage through her sensitive abilities to teach and inspire. The book is a wonderful doorway through time to reconnect with primal wisdom. “

Don Stapleton, PhD, co director of Nosara Yoga Institute and Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training

 “Ananda has done a masterful job of translating her passion, consummate skill, and the essence of Thai massage into words for this book…A must for massage schools and body workers of all types and levels.”

Will Polec, NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor)