Thai Massage DVD

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork DVDThai Massage Sacred Bodywork with Ananda Apfelbaumis a wonderful instructional Thai Massage DVD. In it, Ananda clearly demonstrates and explains step by step how to give an hour and a half Thai Yoga Massage. The session demonstrated here covers techniques in supine, side-lying, prone, inverted and seated postures. They are performed in a flowing traditional sequence. All visuals are accompanied by beautiful flute, mandolin, and guitar music by Tibetan musician, Penpa Tsering.

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Endorsements for Ananda’s Thai Massage DVD

“Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork has been an invaluable resource in enhancing my skills as a practitioner. Ananda’s demonstration and instruction is clear, concise, and easy to follow. I am confident that I will watch it time and time again to master the sacred art of Thai Massage.”

Jeanne Coleman, LMT

“Ananda’s Thai Massage DVD is a very helpful, step-by-step guide to learning Thai Massage. As a student of Ananda’s, I have found that her DVD is a powerful reminder of how to perform the intricate details of Thai Massage. I am thankful that it is available.”

Shelly Candel, Canadian Thai massage student