Supervised Thai Massage Practice Jams

Supervised Thai massage practice jams are a great opportunity to practice under direct supervision. These practice sessions will give you a chance to give, receive and observe Thai Massage under the knowledgeable guidance of Ananda or one of her assistants. These practice jams are open to anyone who has attended a Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork training or who has studied Thai Massage. All levels are welcome to come. You can practice any Thai massage material during this time and Ananda and/or one of her assistants will help you with your practice. The practice jam will not be a “conducted/led” class but rather a practice jam where different people will be practicing different things. All instruction will be one-on-one during the practice jam. Students will practice whatever they would like to practice at their own pace. Ananda will help you individually by verbal instruction and/or by showing you the techniques plus you’ll be helping each other. If you bring a friend along to practice on, they don’t need to pay as they will just be receiving and will not need any instruction. If, however, you come on your own, then you can pair up with someone else who has also come on their own. We will rotate partners over the course of the practice jam so that you get the chance to work with several different people. Please pay as soon as you can beforehand or send Ananda an email to let her know you will be attending. If not enough people sign up by a week before the scheduled date, Ananda needs to know, so that the studio rental and the practice jam can be cancelled. Everyone who has come has loved the practice jams and found them useful.

  • $25 Thai Massage Practice Jam – Wed. Ap. 12, 2017 6-8:00 pm Warshaw Studio, 115 Wooster St. #2F, New York, NY 10012