Thai Massage Appointment Information

Bringing you 25 years of experience in bodywork with a focus on Thai Massage.


TBA after your session is confirmed
New York, NY 10024   
(at the 79th St. subway stop on the 1 subway line)


The best way to contact me is by email or in urgent situations by texting to: 978-339-3102. Please use my cell phone number for texting only and NOT for calling as I don’t hear well on the phone. Thank you.

Massage Sessions are by appointment only after you have filled out the Client Intake Form. Please come 5 – 10  minutes early if you need to change clothes, but not earlier, as there is no waiting room here. Your subsequent massage appointments can be set up in person after your session or by emailing Ananda. If you like or the need arises, one or both of the following can be incorporated into your session:

1. Body Mind Emotion: As the body is completely connected with the mind and emotions, bodywork often brings up emotions and memories. We can address these as they arise as an integral part of your session. This time is also part of your session and the same rates apply.

 2. Stretches/Yoga: To complement your session and help whatever areas are tight or restricted, I can teach you some stretches or yoga to address those areas. This time is also part of your session and the same rates apply.

Payment is due in full at the end of each session. Personal checks or cash (preferred) are acceptable. Credit cards are not taken.

Client Information

It is best not to eat heavy food just prior to your  massage. For your Thai massage session, please wear loose pants and a tee-shirt or long sleeved shirt without a turtle neck in the winter and shorts/pants and a sleeveless shirt in the summer. Due to the sensitivity of myself and certain clients, please come completely “fragrance free” including not using scented deodorants. Remove your jewelry, watch and socks before your session. Stay well hydrated for a day after your session. Having an epsom salt bath after your session will help you to have less soreness which sometimes happens the day after a massage. Also rubbing arnica cream on the sore areas will help lessen the pain there as it reduces inflammation.