Session Testimonials from Clients

“I search the city for the best bodyworkers, just as I do for the best urban sanctuaries. Simply put, no one offers better Thai massage in New York than Ananda. Her sessions are transformational.”
– Allan Ishac, Author, New York’s 50 Best Places To Find Peace and Quiet

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“Ananda combines the skills of a magician and a healer; come with aches and tension…leave feeling like you can tackle the world. Ananda transforms not only through her hands, but through her luminous spirit.”
– Saskia Shakin, the Keynote Coach

“Ananda is a revolutionary body worker. I have received so much body work over the years and Ananda is perhaps the best of the best. So lucky to have found her.”
– Jessicka Chamberlin, CEO

“Ananda is a phenomenal healer. She just happens to use Thai Yoga Massage as her main tool for healing. I went to her during a troubling time in my life and that stress caused tension in my chest and stagnant qi. Through numerous sessions she helped me restore my balance and happiness.”
– Allen Wong, Data Architect at Millenium Management

“Ananda brings a rare combination of responsiveness, technique, strength, sensitivity, passion, and compassion to her approach to bodywork. She tunes in instantly to our stuck places, and then gently “stretches” us to let go. Her creative responsiveness to each person resonates like a musical composition designed to heal within. Her deep song of touch moves the energy to create space in which one can become new again.”
– Dr. Beth Mount, Ph.D., President, Graphic Futures and Capacity Works


“I have had many massages, but Ananda’s Thai massages are in many amazing ways different and memorable. They are in the true sense, integrated mind and body work with a touch of spirituality.”
– Dr. Birgit Rakel, MD, Jefferson Hospital

“I can honestly say this was the best bodywork session I have ever had – and I have been getting bodywork for over 20 years now! I would recommend Ananda’s work to ANYONE who is lucky enough to get an appointment with her!”
– Harmony Kuhl, Registration and Office Coordinator, Rowe Center

“I was in a panic because my back pain was on the rise. Ananda saved me. Her work and thoughtful approach brought me back from the brink and despite a long plane ride my back is doing great! A healer.”
– Anne Dickerson, Founder 15 Minutes Group

“Ananda has a healing heart, and is graced with the intuition needed to be a powerful Thai Massage practitioner. She goes above the call for therapeutic sessions of healing body work, to include useful information about further ways to heal. The herbal hot packs augmented the benefits from the session. The treatment environment is serene, and peaceful. Her clear energy and professional skills, contribute to a most wonderful way to relax, tune-up mind, body and spirit to a higher vibration, which she dedicates to her most excellent work.”
– Suzanne Maxx, Founder/President, World Team Now

“Ananda has magic hands. I felt great after my session with her – more even and symmetrical.”
– Allegra Romita, MA, RYT

“The minute I met Ananda – I loved her healing energy. She is truly gifted with her hands. I had the most amazing Thai Massage with her. She not only relaxed me – but stretched my body where it needed it! Go see her!”
– Alicia Minshew, Actress

“Ananda’s healing touch immediately eased my chronic back pain that other therapists including chiropractors, cranial sacral therapists, and osteopathic physicians had not been able to heal. Since that one session with Ananda my back pain has not returned at all. She is a miracle worker!”
– Elyse Sparkes, Personal Trainer

“I feel so much better after our session. I feel a million times different. It is like I’m a whole new person. I feel no pain at all. Thank you so so much for everything.
– Khawla Sumait, Kuwait

“My body is laughing with awakening! I could feel the mindful intention of her touch.”
 – Asher Milgrom, C.E.O. American Medical Aesthetics

“Ananda has added a sense of soulfulness to the physical encounter.”
 – Dorit Horton

“Ananda truly has healing hands which is such a precious gift. I feel very lucky that I was able to have this experience. I can not thank her enough.”
 – Alice Jacobs

“Beautiful massage and technically masterful.”
– Alan Bitker, Yoga Instructor and Massage Therapist

“Ananda was an absolute blessing to me.”
– Stephanie Schwarze, R.N., B.S., R.Y.T.

“I thank Ananda for her compassion, her touch, her smile.”
 – Pamela Gaither

“Everyone was right! Ananda is awesome.”
– George Mandler

“Like meeting an angel.”
– Kirk Cooper, Wealth Consultant

“Ananda’s work is fantastic.”
– Michael Ash, Photo Agent

“This being my first Thai yoga massage I have to say I was very happy with my session with Ananda. I really enjoyed how thorough and attentive Ananda was with me. I was amazed how she shifted from gentle in one area to strong in the areas that needed a little extra work. The session left me feeling wonderful and I was riding the train home afterward feeling like everything was just “working” better. I slept great that night and 3 days later, I’m still feeling good. Ananda is really super nice and very calming which just added to the great experience. I fully recommend a Thai Yoga massage to anyone who just needs a good stretch or someone like myself who works all day on a computer. I think a session with Ananda is a wonderful introduction to Thai Yoga Massage.”
-Tat Ho Yee, film editor

“Healing Hands, that’s how I describe Ananda’s amazing gift to heal the mind, body, and soul. Using integrative healing therapy approaches Ananda awakens the body-Spirit connection of her clients to facilitate their own natural healing process. My chronic muscular-skeletal condition improved as a result of working with Ananda. I strongly recommend her as a Thai Yoga Massage therapist!”
– Dr. Jill M. Humphries, MPH, PhD, Educator

“My body was so grateful that the injuries were receiving healing attention. The massage felt incredible. Ananda really has such a gift – and the blanket, heating pad, mbira music, scents added so much as well.”
– Kaia Wong, Mbira musician for Musicians on Call

“Receiving a Thai Yoga Massage from Ananda is such a blessing. I walked away pain free and emotionally calm. She has angelic hands that heal. She has an innate ability to read the body and know exactly what it needs. What a treat!!!”
– Alejandra Arguindegui, RYT, Founder Casa Yoga

“David has been experiencing all sorts of awakenings since the massage with you last Thursday. He says that the massage pushed his body into deeper places which yoga had not touched. Needless to stay he is so happy and can’t wait for another session with you.”
– Bryony Stroud Watson, Violinist and Yoga teacher

“Ananda is a true healer.  I can not recommend her enough. Her experience with Thai massage goes beyond just the physical into true healing. She brings all of her peacefulness into both her Thai Massage trainings and her Thai massage sessions.”
– Rogelio Zuniga, IT, Yoga teacher

“Ananda is a gifted and intuitive LMT who specializes in Thai Massage. She is traditionally trained in Chang Mai, Thailand and has authored a book/DVD on Thai Massage. She is incredibly knowledgeable about her field and incredibly attuned to her clients. She works from a sacred, magical and soothing studio environment. I have been both a client and student of Ananda and can say without hesitation, that she alone is worth a trip to NY!”
– Anne Cairns, ESL teacher

“I have new feet, thanks to the detailed work of Ananda Apfelbaum’s perceptive and masterful hands.  I wasn’t wanting to walk, never mind dance, due to pain in my feet and knee. Now, I am striding along painlessly, moving easily on my feet with my hips swinging. All due to Ananda’s careful work on my feet!”
– Claudia Apfelbaum, MSW, LCSW

“Ananda is a wonderful Thai massage therapist and healer. She is strong, compassionate and intuitive. She has an ability to quickly target key places of tension and stress in the body and to gently coax blood flow and flexibility into those “stuck” places. A truly talented practitioner! In just a few sessions, she has helped me immeasurably!”
– Elissa Weinstein, Writer, Teacher

I have known Ananda for twenty years. She is a very experienced, skillful, compassionate Thai Massage therapist. She is well trained and teaches others to do it. She doesn’t compare to others I have seen. I have struggled with various back issues and she’s been immensely helpful. In short she is wonderful.
– Deb Birnbaum, Therapist

Ananda is wonderful—warm and professional. Her work is thorough and she’s very careful — which I feel is important to avoid injury! Highly recommended.
– Amy Kruvant, Social Worker

“I received a session from Ananda recently and she helped me address a chronic issue I have with my neck and I woke up the neck day without pain or numbness for the first time in months! Loved her kind loving energy and her thoughtful approach.
– Siewli Stark, Yoga & Qi Gong Teacher

Ananda gave me an amazing massage. She is truly so gifted. I am in awe of what she is able to do and thank her for a heavenly experience.
– Sue Pentland, Owner of New England Yoga

It was such a gift to have met Ananda. She gave me a beautiful session. It was very healing physically and emotionally.. I have had many massages done and I can definitely say this was one of the most healing experiences I’ve had in my life. 
– Claudia Nunez Sanudo,  Vice President at a Private Equity Firm

I am still reaping the benefits of Ananda’s massage.  I was on the edge of trance/sleep on my train ride home and had a deep restful nap once home. I’ve been following her instructions (R.I.C.E.) for my swollen foot, and stretching my feet; it’s helping immensely. Since Ananda’s treatment I have felt calmer, relaxed, stronger and amazingly pain free (almost).  I had the best tai chi class last night.  I’ve also started being aware of/remembering my dreams! Great gift, thanks to Ananda. She is truly a healer! No words are enough to convey my relief.”
– Cynthia Hobbs

Thanks to Ananda for an extraordinary session today!! It was beautiful from start to finish.”
– Irica Berkowtiz

“A friend gave me a gift certificate to see Ananda Apfelbaum, whom she found through positive reviews on an internet search. What a gift! Ananda is deeply intuitive, wise, gentle but strong. She senses what your body needs and adapts her treatment to address what you need at that moment. Also, I love the herbal compress, an optional add-on…… The set-up is very simple, but I don’t look for all the spa bells and whistles, just a wonderful healing massage. So I go whenever I can!”
– Elena Park, Lumahai Productions

“Hard to find the words to describe how I feel after Ananda has worked on me… her sessions are as healing as they are relaxing — you can just feel the energy coming from her hands and your own body flowing into alignment. Ananda’s impressive skills are matched only by the healing gifts she clearly possesses. I have given her sessions as presents to many friends and everyone agrees. What a treat!”
– Da H

Ananda’s knowledge of Thai Massage and practice is incredible.  She treated me for neck and shoulder pain and the results have been fabulous.  Her understanding of the body, stiffness, reasons for the pain and suggestions helped me a lot to change my routine.  Her set up of the space, caring is ultimate.  Ananda is a gifted soul helping us to expand the light within all of us.
– Naresh Patel, EA

“I strongly recommend Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork with Ananda. The treatment I received was soothing and powerful, at the same time! It was truly an amazing experience.”
– Anna Isaak-Ross, Studio Manager of Art & Design Department

“Ananda, thanks for a wonderful — beyond wonderful — Thai massage this afternoon. You most definitely have that very special touch, physically and spiritually. This is the BEST massage I’ve ever had! The only other that matched was in China. Not only is Thai massage incredible, relaxing, and healing at the same time, Ananda has both a special touch and an aura that shines through with sparkling light. I recommend Ananda’s Thai massage whole heartedly and without reservation. Already looking forward to the next time.”
– Cathy Gay, Communications Strategist

“Ananda is a master of Thai massage, one of the ancient healing arts in which gentle pressure is applied to muscles to relieve strain and contracture. She is intuitive, technically expert and professional; over the years she has helped me recover from occasional flare-ups of muscular pain and spasm in just one session. i have worked with her for over 15 years. I recommend her without reservation.”
– Shari Leipzig, MD

“I saw Ananda weekly for 4 years for musculoskeletal issues. I have come such a long way – from a sedentary life with chronic pain to running half marathons. I have had massage all over the world in many different styles and from many different practitioners and have found her to be the best. She is a very committed healer and an excellent communicator. For example she keeps notes of pain reported and what she observed during therapy. On several occasions she encouraged me to see a doctor when a mobility issue became more serious. She has taught me a lot about the discipline of self care in addition to the great relaxation and healing that comes from regular Thai massage.
– Sandra Vines, IRC Resettlement Director 

“I have a back injury that I’ve been dealing with for years. After one session I feel totally straighter and taller. Hope I can maintain this now that I know its possible.”
– Susan Rae Tann

I just had another Thai Massage with Ananda and when she tapped me to let me know the session was over, I told her that I feel like I have a new body. I think Ananda is amazing. Like a body whisperer, she knows how to tune into your body and make you healthier.
– Mary Breakstone

Ananda is the real deal. As a bodyworker myself I have had dozens of practitioners work on me, and I find Ananda’s energy and technique to be perfect. She has helped me with every session to feel freer, reset in my body, mind and spirit. I love it so much that I decided to train in Thai Massage with her, and even sent my Mother to her for a treatment! Thank you!
– Chelsey Kap