Workshop Endorsements from Students

“Ananda is absolutely amazing! She is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. She made me feel so very comfortable in the learning process. This class really brought me home to myself and I
want to share all that she has taught me. In such beauty and light, may you also experience Ananda’s gifts. Thank you Ananda!!!”
– Donna Vincenti, Reiki Master Practitoner

“This class has been an amazing experience for me. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity.”
– Felicia Tomasko, LAYOGA Magazine staff

“The best workshop I’ve ever had – so informative, inspirational, interesting. Great dynamics. It gave me so much. I’m endlessly grateful for these precious teachings and for Ananda as their carrier. ”
– Shant Prem, Kundalini Yoga teacher

“I honestly have no words to describe how fantastic the Thai Massage weekend with Ananda was. She is amazing. I definitely recommend her to anybody who’s interested in studying Thai massage.”
– Kinga Demenyi, Metaphysics Student

“I am just wrapping up my Thai Massage and Sacred Bodywork course with Ananda. She is an incredible practitioner and Master teacher. Taking this course has been one of the wisest things I’ve ever done. The way that she sets up space for her students to learn the traditional methodologies along with ways to develop internal practices through the daily stretching, meditations, and breathwork really make this course essential for any bodywork professional. When she teaches it all flows and her touch is so intuitive. She always seems to see things and share feedback about the body that was not obvious. She has done this with me in my sessions and I’ve seen the same thing happen for my other classmates. I’m so thankful that I moved from Florida with this course in mind and so thankful that I have Ananda’s wisdom in my life. I recommend her for any student and anyone on their healing journey!”
– Andrea Graves, Healer, Dancer

“Ananda, it has been such a pleasure and joy seeing you again…. Thank you so much for sharing your Love and great knowledge of Thai massage with us….  You have re inspired my  Thai massage practice…. thank you for your kindness.”
– Dominique Fry, LMT

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“Ananda Apfelbaum is a masterful educator of the art and science of Thai Massage. With clear communication, watchful eyes and a gentle yet firm approach, Ananda is able to impart this challenging system of bodywork and coach each student to their full potential. Her depth of knowledge and understanding in both the physical and spiritual aspects of Thai Massage, combined with her evident compassion for all makes her a remarkably effective teacher. I have been blessed by the opportunity to study both privately and in group workshops with Ananda and it was an honor to have been her student.”
-Sharon Leahy, Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Rhythm in Shoes

“Ananda is the best massage teacher I have ever studied with and I have taken multiple trainings and courses over the past twenty years. She knows her material to the core. She is very organized in her presentation and she is a caring, compassionate teacher.”
-Liz Gemme, LMT

“Ananda is a gifted teacher! She has shown exemplary care of her students. It’s an honor to receive her teaching. I feel so inspired by her beautiful spirit, which she has shared with me and my classmates. I am grateful to Ananda for really taking the precious time to truly care for us, and teach us. I am learning so much. What an exciting journey. I feel I have so much more to learn from Ananda and can’t wait for her advanced training coming up this summer!”
-Mike Ryan, Raw Juice Master


“Even before I met Ananda, I could tell from our correspondence that she was filled with caring, kindness, and compassion. I have studied with her through Level 1, 2, and 3 and have enjoyed every minute of it. Ananda teaches from a place of love for every student and all beings. She imparts this to her students and therefore helps to create exceptional Thai massage therapists.”
– Elyse Sparkes, Personal Trainer

“After having taken both level 1 and 2 from Ananda, I could only say that someone learning this healing modality from Ananda is just plain lucky. She has an incredible balance of dedication to Thai Yoga’s roots and history and modern adaptability. The courses are well paced and her method of showing how to perform each move and rotating clients throughout the workshops enables you to develop your sense of touch on different body types. I highly recommend the book as a resource for continued guidance after the course to be able to think through different ways to moderate the poses or work more deeply on one part of the body. After the class, I had much more body awareness for myself, as well as being able to share this gift with clients, friends and family.”
– Hope Loraine Cotter, Executive Assistant

“Ananda is a brilliant teacher, a wise woman.”
– Mindy Groff

“Ananda, created a beautiful learning atmosphere. I’m most grateful.”
-Althea Lewis

“I thank Ananda for her supportive teaching and patience.”
– Amy Eisenberg

“Thanking the universe for a teacher like you. With great respect.”
-Vania Benscome

“Ananda is totally kind and nice; also real and funny – an AMAZING teacher!
– Kristen Collins

“One of the best investments I ever made.”
– Andrea Zeledeon-Mussio, Holistic Health and Wellness Therapist

“It’s a blessing just to spend some time with this woman, and incredible to learn from her…if you’re interested in thai massage, these trainings are great.”
– Leanna Henning, Yoga Instructor

“The world would be be so much happier if more people had a chance to learn how to do Thai yoga massage. Thanks to Ananda for sharing her practice with us! Ananda’s teaching is always inspiring.”
– Dung Truong, Artist

“I feel very fortunate to have been Ananda’s student in the past and grateful to Ananda for being a wonderful teacher.  I love that she doesn’t compromise and makes sure that everyone learns to the best of their ability.  I love her passion and compassion and endless patience and focus and strength.  She is a true teacher who has helped many get a skill to spread the goodness of Thai massage with loving kindness and compassion.”
– Lana Dmitriev, LMT 

“I’m still not sure what happened to me in NYC the last couple weekends at Ananda’s Thai Massage workshop, but I feel more loving and openness then I have ever felt….it has spilled over to my classroom, my family, and friends…they All see “something” different…”
– Keith Carrick, PE teacher

“I just finished the prone and supine workshop and I’m not even sure where to begin as it was all an amazing and life changing experience. From the moment I walked into the calming space (a rarity in NYC) Ananda makes you feel so welcome. I had high expectations of this workshop and it far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. I really looked into every Thai Yoga Massage training in NYC and am positive I found THE best teacher! Ananda makes learning easy through touch, demonstration, her words and repetition. She takes her time to explain each posture and answer all your questions. I’m so excited to incorporate Thai Yoga Massage with my personal training and yoga clients. THANK YOU! Ananda!”
– Kalene Walsch, Yoga teacher and Personal Trainer

“I am so glad I took this training. It is so much more than I expected it to be.”
– Danielle Zuccheri, RYT

“Ananda is gifted. She has a gentle approach to explain the techniques. She interacts with each student. During the workshop you will be able to work on Ananda. She will give you feedback. Also we all work on each other and give and receive feedback. The studio space is quiet which helps to focus and connect with Thai massage concepts and feeling.”
– Claudia Hoermann, LMT

“Ananda is a superb teacher and we are lucky she makes her course affordable and accessible.  She and her assistants are professional and use a highly effective pedagogy to ensure the material is thoroughly engrained.  She builds in breaks and restorative relaxation so the long hours never feel tiring.  Ananda is receptive to her students and aware of the participants’ needs at any given time.  She balances the course with spiritual, cultural and physical learning and practice.  I had been to Thailand multiple times and had had many Thai massages so I could appreciate the meaningful ways she created context about Thailand.  The spacious, high-ceilinged studio in SoHo is a perfect setting for the course.   I thought the course would result in enough material for a one hour massage but in fact we got three hours worth of material so I was thrilled!  Ananda is not only my Thai massage teacher, she is my guide on how to live, eat, listen, heal and inspire.  Everyone in my course was grateful because we were equipped with new abilities and our spiritual lives had been enhanced in the process.  We could never have dreamed of such an outstanding experience.  I highly recommend it.
Shauna Kelley, Actress, Thai Yoga Practitioner

“Amazing class and instructor. Highly recommended
– Alexander Torres, LMT

This is an excellent training for anyone interested in learning Thai massage. Ananda teaches from an authentic and traditional place. Her attention to detail is tireless and you will benefit greatly from her knowledge and commitment to this practice.
– Brandon McGregor

“I’d like to recommend Ananda’s workshops. The knowledge and experiences you will gain from her workshops will add richness to both your professional and personal life. They are something you won’t want to miss.
Lauren Ohmer, LMT, Dancer, Personal Trainer

“I took Ananda’s Thai Yoga training back in 2009, and eight years later I’m still using the many skills she taught me. Initially, I thought the training would simply help me as a yoga teacher (better hands-on adjustments for my students), but it opened me up to a whole new healing modality. I am a better yoga teacher and wellness practitioner for it, with a much clearer understanding of the body’s structure. Ananda’s workshop took place in a large, peaceful studio in SoHo. She is a wonderful teacher and she cultivated a really positive group dynamic (there were about 15 of us), always ending and beginning our classes with a bit of yoga and meditation as well as encouraging each of us to share our experiences throughout. It was a lot of information, but we all passed the training in the end, having successfully learned the Thai Yoga Bodywork sequence both from her and from each other (imagine a series of assisted stretches while you lie on a large floor mat in comfortable clothing or even PJ’s). I’d recommend both the Basic and Advanced levels of her training workshop–you will learn so much! And whether you are a yoga teacher, a massage therapist, or simply looking to possess a pair of healing hands for friends and family, the immersive experience will be invaluable. Thank you, Ananda!
Barbara Purcell, Fitness Trainer, Yoga Teacher

“Ananda led a fantastic training. I loved all the warmth, knowledge and guidance that she shared with us. She’s a fantastic teacher and leader. As someone who also leads trainings I know how important it is to stay on topic, keep the class moving, make sure everyone is learning and not feeling overwhelmed. And most importantly, setting up a warm and open environment so students feel good about themselves and able to give honest feedback. Ananda achieved all that and more!
Mel Russo, Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Works

“I will miss Ananda and everyone from the workshop. This training has meant so much to me and I have truly loved every second. I just want to keep digging deeper and deeper into this practice. Thank you Ananda so much for sharing what you know in the ways that you do. You made it extremely special!”
Solana Hoffman-Carter, Dancer

“If you want to study Thai Massage Bodywork Therapy, THIS is the place to be! I have completed all of her training sessions, and the experience has changed my life. Ananda is such an incredible teacher. She is very clear, thorough, patient, understanding, and passionate about Thai Massage. You will finish feeling comfortable, accomplished, and ready to share this incredible work!”
Ruzhdije Begu

Ananda’s teaching changed completely the way my practice developed. I am forever grateful to Ananda’s hands and soul.”                   – Erico Villanueva, Pilates Instructor       

Thank you so much Ananda for leading such a fantastic training. I’m loving all the warmth, knowledge and guidance that you’re sharing with us. You are a fantastic teacher and leader. As someone who also leads trainings, I know how important it is to stay on topic, keep the class moving, and make sure everyone is learning and not feeling overwhelmed. And most importantly, setting up a warm and open environment so students feel good about themselves and able to give honest feedback. You achieve all that and more!
I’m so happy I took your training.” 
– C
hris Freeman, Athelet

There aren’t words to describe how wonderful this training program is and how expert, kind and caring Ananda is with her students. You don’t feel like you’re just going in for a training. Instead, it feels like you’re joining a family- one that will continue to support you through your learning journey. I think proper thai body massage/work is a limited resource- particularly in NYC. The more practitioners we have who can do this bodywork, the better the community will be. I work as a nurse practitioner with cancer patients and I plan to apply what I learned in the care I provide to my patients. It truly is a small price to pay to be able to add this to your wellness toolkit. Thank you Ananda!!! ” 
Kimberly Chow, Nurse Practitioner