Thai Massage Training Program

Thai Massage Workshop demonstration
Thai Massage training with Ananda.Photo by Allison Flores

Our Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork Training Program is an exceptional, in-depth study of Thai Massage. We focus primarily on hands-on training – both the physical aspects of Thai bodywork and the spiritual emotional aspects of being a healer. We also introduce you to the historical, cultural and religious background of Thai Massage. We use yoga, partner yoga, meditation and mindful listening practices to enhance the learning experience and to create a fun and supportive community. Due to the intensive nature of our Thai Massage Training Program, we ask that you fully dedicate yourselves to the learning process by attending all the classes and practicing in between classes.

Our Thai Massage Certification Training Program consists of two parts – a Basic Certification program  and an Advanced Certification program.

The Basic Training is comprised of three workshops based on body positions as follows:

1. Supine & Prone* – supine means lying face up; prone means lying face down. In this workshop you will learn fundamental Thai ergonomics and techniques as well as over 30 wonderful stretches in the face up and face down positions.  Upon completion, you will be able to give a 1..5 hour Thai Yoga Massage in supine and prone.  No prerequisites. 33 CEs                       

2. Side-Lying, Inverted & Seated* – side-lying means lying on the side; inverted means having the legs higher than the head and seated means being in a sitting position. In this workshop you will learn 35 awesome Thai Massage stretches in these three positions as well as  a special Thai massage technique called “opening the wind”. You will be able to give a 1 hour and 20 minute Thai Yoga Massage in these three positions.  No prerequisites. 33 CEs

3. Putting It All Together – is a day long workshop where we put together all of the five body positions already learned and review and refine the techniques therein.  Prerequisites: Supine & Prone as well as Side-Lying, Inverted & Seated workshops. 

Basic certification is given to those students who successfully complete this last step of the Basic Thai Massage Training Program. 8 CEs

The Advanced Training is comprised of two programs based on body positions as follows.

1. Advanced Supine*   You will learn many additional techniques in the supine position. Prerequisite: Basic Training Program completed. 27 CEs                                                                                                      

2. Advanced Side-Lying, Prone, Inverted and Seated*  You will learn many additional techniques in the side-lying, prone, inverted and seated positions. Prerequisite: Basic Training Program completed. 27 CEs   

Upon completion of the Advanced Training program you will have over 4 hours of Thai Massage techniques to draw from and will be able to create customized Thai Yoga bodywork sessions based on the needs of your clients.

Advanced Certification is given to those students who successfully complete both parts of the Advanced Thai Massage Training Program.                                   

*We highly recommend that you take the workshops in the order presented above, but if your schedule doesn’t permit, you can take them in the order that is best for you as long as you meet the prerequisites. For example, in the Basic Training you can take the Supine & Prone workshop first or the Side-Lying, Inverted & Seated workshop first.

CEs (continuing education units) are available for all the trainings. We are approved by NCBTMB, NYS and Yoga Alliance as a continuing education provider. Please read more about CEs in our FAQ section.

Certification versus Licensing Please refer to our FAQ page for more information about this subject.

Instructor: Master teacher Ananda Apfelbaum teaches all of the workshops.  She is  the renowned author of Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork and the producer of the instructional DVD, Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork. Apfelbaum brings you over twenty-five years of teaching experience as well as thirty-two years of massage therapy experience.  She studied extensively in Thailand as well as in Japan and China. Ananda loves to share with her students this amazing art.

Location: All the workshops are held in Soho  on Wooster St in New York City. Exact address will be given upon registration.

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork: Basic Training Certification Program, NYC  Encompasses the Supine & Prone; Side Lying, Inverted & Seated, and Putting It All Together Workshops. Sign up for the full program now at a $100 discount.   
74 CEs – NCBTBM, NY State, and Yoga Alliance approved.

Dates: Oct. 13-14, Oct. 20-21, Oct. 27-28, Nov. 10-11, Nov. 17-18, Dec. 1,  2018
Hours: 10-6 pm, except Dec. 1  10-7 pm

  • $1045 Basic Training early bird registration (through 9/14/18) (save $100)
  • $1145 Basic Training late registration (after 09/14/18)

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork: Supine & Prone Workshop, NYC
33 CEs – NCBTMB, NY State, and Yoga Alliance approved

Dates: Oct. 13-14, Oct. 20-21, Oct. 27, 2018
Hours: 10-6 pm

  • $495 Supine & Prone early bird registration (through 09/14/18) ( save $60)
  • $555 late registration (after 09/15/18)

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork: Side Lying, Inverted & Seated Workshop, NYC
33 CEs – NCBTMB, NY State, and Yoga Alliance approved

Dates: Oct. 28, Nov. 10-11, Nov. 17-18, 2018
Hours: 10-6 pm

  • $495 Side Lying, Inverted & Seated early bird registration (through 09/29/18) (you save $60)
  • $555 Side Lying, Inverted & Seated late registration (after 09/30/18)

Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork: Putting It All Together Workshop, NYC
8 CEs – NCBTMB, NY State, and Yoga Alliance approved
*Please note: This class is ONLY for those who have taken the Supine & Prone as well as the Side Lying, Inverted & Seated Workshops. Basic certification is given upon completion of the program.

Dates: Dec. 1, 2018
Hours: 10-7 pm

  • $155 Putting It All Together early bird registration (through 11/2/18) (save $40)
  • $195 Putting It All Together late registration (after 10/20/18)

Thai Massage Repeat Trainings in NYC

It’s a great idea to repeat the training. You can also come for one day on a day pass.

  • $615 Repeat Basic Training
  • $295 Repeat Supine & Prone
  • $295 Repeat Side Lying, Inverted & Seated
  • $85 Repeat Putting It All Together
  • $65 Repeat One Day Pass


Student at a Thai Massage Workshop receiving certification
Receiving certification.Photo by Allison Flores

Continuing Education (CEs)
There are three kinds of CEs (continuing education hours) available. Two are under the auspices of NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) and one is under Yoga Alliance. For those needing CEs from NCBTMB, one is for massage therapists from out of state and the other is for NY state LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists). CEs are needed by licensed massage therapists and Yoga Alliance registered yoga teachers in order to renew their license/registration. NY State LMTs need the NY state approved CEs. Out of state LMTs need the NCBTMB CEs. NY state requires LMTs to get 36 CEs over a three year period for their massage license renewal. YA registered yoga teachers need CEs to renew their registration, but they do not need an actual CE certificate as YA currently uses an honor system so you can just report on their website how many CEs you obtained from your training. (read more...)

Thai Massage Training Recommendations

  • Book – Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork by Ananda Apfelbaum. Click here to order the book. The book will also be available at the workshops for $22.
  • DVD – Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork by Ananda Apfelbaum. This DVD covers the Thai Massage sequence learned in the Basic Training Program. Click here to order the DVD. They will also be available at the workshops for $30.
  • Private Classes – Ananda will go over your Thai Massage techniques and give you guidance and feedback. This will ensure that you practice correctly. $100/hour
  • Thai Massage Session – will help you understand Thai Massage better. Ananda is available for sessions.
  • Bodywork Experience – recommended, but not necessary.

Thai Massage Training Requirements

  • Practice – a minimum of one hour of documented home practice needs to be done between each weekend of a training program.
  • Physical Condition – you need to be able to work on your hands and knees.
  • Attendance – come to class on time and stay for the duration of the class unless an exception has been given.
  • Training manual. $20 cash/check to be paid at the door. Manual will be available at the beginning of a training program.

Thai Massage Workshop Make Up Classes
It generally takes one hour of private class to cover three hours of workshop material. Missed classes must be made up before the next class. During makeup classes, only the actual Thai Massage techniques that were missed will be covered. Make up classes are $100/hour.

Further Information
For the schedule of upcoming Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork workshops, go to the Calendar. If you have any questions regarding the information presented here, please contact Ananda at:

Location of all NYC Workshops is in Soho, New York, NY 10012 near the N/R Prince Street stop and the C/E Spring Street stop. (Exact location will be given upon registration.)

Cancellation Policy
If not enough students have signed up for a program/workshop by two weeks before a training is about to begin, it will have to be rescheduled to a later date. Those students who have registered will have their payment applied to the next same program/workshop. If they can’t make the next training and inform Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork right away, they will get a refund for the full amount they paid.  Also in terms of private classes, the courtesy of at least 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a private class is appreciated. Failure to comply will result in the full charge except in emergency situations.

Refund Policy
No refund/credit will be given after one has registered for a workshop or private class except in the case of an emergency. Workshops are non-refundable and payments cannot be used for a different date or time.  In case of an emergency please inform Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork so they can discuss the situation with you. If a refund is given, it will be minus a $100 processing fee.

Payment Plan
If you need to pay for the training program or workshop via a payment plan, there is an additional $100 fee. Please email to inquire. 

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