Thai Massage

Thai Massage Photo by Anna Isaak-Ross
Thai Massage – so peacefui and relaxing.    Photo by Anna Isaak-Ross

Thai Massage is an amazing form of bodywork widely practiced in Thailand today. Its traditional name, Nuad Bo’ Rarn, literally means “ancient healing touch”. More recently it has also been given other names such as Thai Yoga Massage or Thai Yoga Bodywork due to its wide use of yoga like stretches.

Thai Massage’s origins are shrouded in mystery. No one knows exactly where from nor how Thai Massage developed. However, Thai Massage is believed to have evolved from a synthesis of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga, Buddhism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai indigenous healing arts.

For centuries, Thai Massage sessions were given in the sacred setting of Thai temples or in people’s homes. Nowadays, Thai Massage is also offered in spas and wellness centers all over Thailand as well as around the world.

Thai Massage offers great healing through its multifaceted use of acupressure, stretching, reflexology, joint mobilization, assisted yoga poses, Tok Sen (a form of tapping) and Luk Pra Kob (hot steamed Thai herbal compresses).

Thai Massage recognizes that all life is made up of both matter and energy. In Thai traditional medicine this energy is called “lom”. It moves along pathways known as sen. These sen are physical pathways and thus are different from India’s energetic nadis or China’s meridian system.

Thai Massages are traditionally done on a comfortable mat on the floor. Clients are fully clothed except for during the hot herbal compress work.

After a Thai Massage session, you will feel relaxed, renewed, energized; more flexible and peaceful. You will feel harmonized in your body, mind and spirit. To book a Thai Massage, click here.